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We live in a time when virtual worlds and their infinite options are ruling like never before. As we continue to evolve in this world to celebrate the art and craft of cinema, we have curated a rewarding virtual experience for its viewers and lovers across all genres. While doing so, we are dedicated to providing independent filmmakers, screenwriters, video and web-series creators the global platform and exposure that they truly deserve.

This virtual platform is also created to educate independent creators. Hence, we have live training sessions and discussion panels with industry experts who will share industry tips, the hurdles they faced themselves, and tips on how to overcome these. With these sessions and our blog, we strive to provide talented directors, actors, creative teams and new media creators a virtual platform to showcase their films, as well as a learning experience.

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For all Inquiries about Review writing, Film Submission contact with Us, Please Email:

We normally reply within 2 hours. Sometimes it takes little longer because we take a commercial break. :P

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