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Redefining the idea of film festivals, the pandemic has given rise to virtual film festivals, which are here to stay for the foreseeable future. With the evolution of a new generation of filmmakers, we are celebrating talent powerhouses and giving them a deserving global platform while providing a 360-degree viewing experience to enjoy from the safety of your homes.

Image by Joel Muniz

Short Film Cinema Hall

Celebrating the power of independent short films from all genres, formats and languages, our Short Film Cinema Hall promotes unique cinematic gems and gives them the credibility and global platform that they deserve.

Feature Film Cinema Hall

We feel proud to support feature filmmakers, whether industry veterans or emerging talents. Visit our Feature Film Cinema Hall to explore this all-new virtual experience, and get on board this amazing journey.

B&W Photo of a Couple
Image by Rory Waldegrave

Documentary Film Corner

We believe in the power of documentary films to make substantive changes in the world. Our Documentary Film Corner is dedicated to these important voices and messages, which deserve a global platform.

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